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One Hundred Proposals by Holly Martin

Awww, I loved this book! It's the first of Holly Martin's I've read, although I have read a short story of hers before which I really enjoyed and that's saying a lot because I'm not a huge fan of short stories!

Suzie and Harry run a company helping create the perfect proposal. A bit bored with the predictable "at the top of the Eiffel Tower" type of proposals that are regularly requested, Harry decides to show their potential customers how it's done by proposing to Suzie once a day for 100 days. Sweet and inexpensive, lavish and dramatic, he has one hundred ways to sweep a would-be bride off her feet. The problem is, Suzie has already been swept off her feet by Harry and wishes the proposals were real. How on earth is she going to cope with her best friend asking him to marry her 100 times when it means nothing to him and everything to her?

When an early proposal goes viral and their blog sky-rockets, a travel company are keen to foot the bill for Harry to propose to Suzie around the world, the stakes are even higher than before. Will three months together be too great a test for their friendship?

One Hundred Proposals is a warm, witty, romantic story with two beautifully created characters in Harry and Suzie. You see, Harry is damaged goods and Suzie is coping with the loss of someone she loved ... although neither of these scenarios are quite what you might initially expect. For me, this was a page-turner and meant a couple of late nights just to see what happened next. Thoroughly satisfying, warm and fuzzy. Will be adding Holly Martin to my list of favourite authors on the strength of this one.

If you like the sound of this, you can buy it on Amazon here.

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