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There Must Be An Angel by Sharon Booth

I loved, loved, LOVED this novel. From page one, I loved the heroine, Eliza. Witty, kind, and with a penchant for Maltesers, I could immediately relate to her and rooted for her throughout the book. I was desperate for her to keep cheating husband, Harry, out of her life, and to keep her new friends at Kearton Bay in her life. Sharon Booth has created a wonderful cast of characters who feel like friends and family and I actually would like to move to Kearton Bay right now as it's so beautifully described.

There's a quote on the back of the paperback from another writer that says "a treat from start to finish" and 'There Must Be An Angel' is exactly that. It's full of laughs, but there are also tears to be shed and I love a book that makes me do both. What's even better is that there's more in the series so I can't wait to get my paws on them.

I can't recommend this book enough. Lovely story, great cast of characters, stunning setting, and incredibly well-written.

It's available via Kindle and in paperback format. I'm actually the proud owner of both versions. I did have a bag of Maltesers too, but they're long-gone!

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