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The one where I look back over Steven’s Blog Tour

At the start of the week, Searching for Steven finished his one-week blog tour. Here’s a look at his best bits and a shout out to everyone who supported him on his travels

The one where I share the story behind the story of Raving About Rhys

Part 4 of my Story Behind the Story series, looking at the prequel to the Welcome to Whitsborough Bay Trilogy, Raving About Rhys

The one where I look back over Rhys's Blog Tour

Raving About Rhys has just finished a week-long blog tour. Here's a look at his best bits and a huge thank you to everyone who participated

The one where I embark on a blog tour for Raving About Rhys

Raving About Rhys was released 3 years ago today and I'm going on a blog tour to celebrate

The one where I win a Chill With a Book Readers' Award

I won an Award this month. Eek! Let me explain...