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Mother's Day Dedication

Getting Over Gary was launched on Thursday and, just 3 days from Mothering Sunday, my mum had a lovely surprise

One of the really special things an author can do is to acknowledge someone special in their life through the dedication at the beginning of their book.

When I launched my debut novel, Searching for Steven, it seemed only right to dedicate him to my husband, Mark, who'd come into my life when I was undertaking my very own search for Steven and who'd encouraged me to write.

Just ahead of Steven, I released a novella called Raving About Rhys. As it is a mini-novel, it seemed appropriate to dedicate it to my mini-me: my daughter, Ashleigh.

To whom would I dedicate my third release, Getting Over Gary? To my mum, of course. My mum's always been a voracious reader. She bought us loads of books when we were children, took us to the library, and read to us. As I got older, she introduced me to the late, great Catherine Cookson whose books I loved.

When I first talked about writing, she was incredibly supportive about the idea and, when I'd finished Steven, she eagerly proof-read him for me. She was so proud on Steven's launch day. She 'encouraged' all her friends to purchase a copy and told anyone she met that her daughter was an author. On caravanning holidays with my dad, she left Jessica Redland postcards in cafes and shower blocks in the hope that someone might be inspired!

It feels particularly fitting that my Getting Over Gary was launched a few days ago, just ahead of Mothering Sunday. I hadn't warned mum that I'd dedicated Gary to her so she got a lovely surprise when she opened the book on her Kindle and saw it.

Happy Mother's Day to my lovely mum. I realised in preparing this post that I don't actually have many recent photos of the two of us so I've included my wedding photo which was 10.5 years ago. Since having children, most photos tend to me of her with the grandkids rather than the two of us. Must rectify that! I'd also like to say a Happy Mother's Day to my mother-in-law, Jeanette. I don't have ANY photos of just to the two of us!

Whether you're with your mum today, with your own children, not able to see your mum, or thinking of a mum you've lost, I wish you a lovely Mothering Sunday.

Ooh, and if she reads, there are a few books I can highly recommend ...

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